Grow Your Business With Purchase Order Financing

You’ve worked hard to build your business, establish your reputation and produce great products. Now your business is booming and the orders are pouring in. That’s a great situation for any business owner to be in, but it can sometimes put a strain on your working capital. More and larger orders mean that you’ll need to increase your own orders to your suppliers to fill your obligations to your customers. Here at Means Commercial Capital, we have the perfect financing solution for your situation. Purchase order financing will allow you to meet your deadlines and satisfy your customers all without taking on any more debt.

Who Can Benefit From Purchase Order Financing?

Any business that accepts orders for finished goods can benefit from PO financing, including businesses such as these:

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Resellers
  • Importers and exporters

How Does It Work?

Simply put, purchase order financing is leveraging your current orders to allow your business to grow right now. You receive an order, we pay your supplier for your inventory needs and when the customer pays for their product, we get reimbursed. In this way, you can accept orders that you might not normally be able to fund.

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There is no reason that a lack of capital should hinder the growth of your business. Contact one of our purchase order financing experts today and start taking larger orders tomorrow.