Can You Benefit From a Stated Income Loan?

Are you a property investor looking for a real estate loan? If traditional mortgages are too slow and bridge loans are too difficult to qualify for, then stated income commercial real estate financing might be the perfect alternative.

Stated income loans can be used to buy new property or access the equity in real estate you already own. No matter which reason you’re seeking this financing, Means Commercial Capital can help.

Use a Property To Secure Funds

We’re happy to provide funds for a variety of real estate, including warehouses and restaurants. Your loan-to-value ratio depends on the property type:

  • Properties with five units or more, including mixed-use and multifamily housing: 75% LTV
  • Properties with four units or fewer, including non-owner occupied investment real estate: 70% LTV
  • Warehouses, self-storage properties, offices, retail spaces and auto service: 65%

Experience the Benefits

When you partner with Means Commercial Capital, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Amounts up to $500,000
  • 25-year terms
  • Fixed rates
  • Amortization

Additionally, there’s minimal paperwork compared to a mortgage, which means less time gathering and organizing financial data.

Qualify for a Loan

Have you been turned down for a loan in the past? You may still qualify for a stated income commercial real estate loan since we’re more interested in the property value than your credit history. All we ask is documentation of employment such as a W-2, a credit score of 600 and proof the property can cover the following:

  • Insurance
  • Loan principal
  • Taxes

Access Cash for a Variety of Purposes

Once you have the funds, you can use them however you want:

  • Refinancing
  • Debt consolidation
  • Renovation
  • Construction
  • Property purchase

Contact Means Commercial Capital Today

The sooner you apply, the sooner you can get cash, so why wait? The friendly experts at Means Commercial Capital are happy to answer your questions and walk you through the application. To schedule a consultation, give us a call today.