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Are CMBS Loans Right for You?

A CMBS loan is commercial mortgage-backed security, that is well-regarded because of the relatively low interest rates associated with this lending instrument. As well as the fact that they are...... Read More

How Patient Financing Can Benefit Both Your Practice and Your Patients

If there’s one thing that the average American has in common, it’s an inability to handle the rising cost of healthcare. Thankfully, there exists a financial mechanism to help stem...... Read More

How Does Invoice Factoring Work?

Invoice factoring is very similar to medical factoring; in fact – the latter is a form of the more general. At its root, it is just asset-based financing that, instead...... Read More

Medical Factoring Explained

If you’re a healthcare facility or other related business in the medical field, then you’ve almost certainly encountered billing and cash flow problems. It is a patient-centered business, after all,...... Read More