Lead generation is a way of marketing a real estate business to ensure you get conversions and sales. You need leads to confirm your clients’ interest in your services as a real estate agent. For this reason, learning and understanding ways to generate leads is important. This guide explains the tips to generate commercial real estate leads.

Create an Impressive Online Presence

Note that most of your commercial real estate clients spend their time online looking for the right property. As a real estate agent, it serves your interest to create an online presence to facilitate your real estate leads generation efforts. How you sell yourself as a real estate agent determines who you will attract in the end.

Include Testimonials in Your Portfolio

Telling the market what you can do is not enough for proper lead generation as a real estate agent. You need to convince your target audience, which is possible, by including testimonials from previous clients in your portfolio. Understand that the chances of generating leads are higher if you include video testimonials. You need the videos for social proof and to bring your target audience closer.

Start a Blog

Your customers and target audience should know you can help them in other ways besides buying and selling property. By starting a blog and sharing relevant information about your industry, you attract and retain your clients’ attention. Getting them interested in what you can offer through blogs will help generate real estate leads faster than other marketing efforts. Be consistent with the information you offer through blogging to increase conversion chances.


You need to network and interact with established real estate agents to learn more about lead generation. It is easy to make informed decisions by getting a different perspective on your lead generation approaches. You also make yourself and your career attractive by retaining membership in a specific and relatable business community in the industry.

Utilize Previous Contacts and Clients

While you might not see the need at first, generating real estate leads is much easier and faster by using previous contacts and clients as a real estate agent. As more people seek to invest in commercial real estate, using previous contacts can help you get referrals and recommendations.

You want to increase lead generation to succeed as a realtor. Learning ways to generate real estate leads, in this case, is important. Get in touch with Means Commercial Capital today for further guidance.