Today’s consumers want to do business with companies that have clearly defined corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. They search for companies that are involved in their communities and have initiatives to help society or the environment. Therefore, these are a few beneficial CSR strategies you may consider.

Get Universal Engagement

A CSR program that doesn’t reach outside the department handling the initiative will have difficulty getting off the ground. You need engagement from the entire organization, from the executive management and the board to front-line workers. These strategies require funding and collaboration among departments and different levels of the organization to be truly effective, so get everyone engaged in the process and execution of your strategies.

Look for Business Alignment

To prevent your CSR initiatives from becoming a drain on your business, search for strategies that contribute to your overall business goals and purpose. For example, printing or paper products companies may focus on reducing paper waste and only purchasing from tree farms that are grown specifically for paper products. Search for initiatives that also help your company.

Drive Innovation

Don’t think of CSR initiatives as only a drain on your company. You can use them to spur innovation. For example, look for ways you can increase efficiency, reduce waste, or develop new products. Use your strategies for research and development purposes. Then, implement projects that give you a competitive edge in your CSR and your production and sales.

Build Partnerships

You don’t have to create initiatives all on your own. One way to reduce the impact on your business and involve other companies is to build strategic partnerships around your CSR strategies. Consider companies that operate in other industries because they will bring different expertise and assets to the table. Approaching the challenge from different points of view can produce innovations that you and your partners could not have found on your own. In addition, your release can be faster because you are sharing the costs and tasks.

Don’t underestimate the importance of partnering with companies and organizations in your local community. You can make a real difference, build brand loyalty, and get some positive press in the area, which can increase revenue and help with recruitment in the future.

Consider Design Approaches

Traditional design approaches can be time-consuming and may take weeks to months to implement, but design approaches tend to be much faster. You can move through the research, planning, testing, and implementation phases much faster because you immediately apply any new information you find to your strategy.

When you build your CSR strategies into your daily business, you can make an impact in your community, gain customer loyalty, and increase your revenues.