Are you contemplating a retail store? Before you open your business, consider various sources of funding and retail financing to get your endeavor off the ground.

When you are a new retail business, you will likely want to secure enough funding to keep your company afloat for at least one year. Some places to find funding include these:


Have you thought about taking on investors? Outside investors, like family or friends, can be a great way to come up with the funding needed to open a retail business. These investors are a better choice in most instances than what banks typically offer.


Another option that some entrepreneurs choose is crowdfunding. There are many crowdfunding platforms, pick your favorite, but be clear about your goals and each investor’s stake upfront.


What are your finances like? It might make the most sense to self-fund your business. If you have assets or cash on hand, you could potentially have all the capital that you need to get your business up and running, for at least the first 12-18 months, ideally.

Small Business Loan

Small business loans are another funding option, and perhaps the most common type of financing that retail entrepreneurs and brands seek. There are numerous loans available, contingent on your credit history and business plan.

A business line of credit
Term loan, with interest, paid over a fixed period
Equipment financing loan

It is a good idea to first approach any banks that you currently do business with first, before approaching other lenders.  

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan

A great resource for retail funding is the SBA or Small Business Administration. These loans typically have easy repayment terms that fit most borrowers’ needs.

Need funding or finances for your retail business? You have many distinct options; what works best for you? Talk to the industry professionals at Means Commercial Capital to learn more about your options.