Many businesses today are recognizing the value and benefits of implementing environmentally-friendly policies. In fact, according to a Mckinsey study, 70 percent of American businesses have some form of sustainability governance in place because today’s consumers demand attention to green business practices. 

Why Should Your Business Go Green 

It makes sense to have a green business for these reasons: 

• Businesses that take significant steps to go green usually save money on water, gas, and electric bills. Plus, purchasing energy-efficient equipment like computers, printers, and light bulbs saves continuing costs over time.  

• Many employees look to their companies to take good care of the environment. So, taking environmentally friendly actions can keep employees happy and motivated as well as make the company more attractive to potential new hires.  

• Tax incentives can be secured by making green purchases like energy-efficient systems.  

• Consumers notice and are motivated to have increased admiration and loyalty to companies that pay attention to the environment. That same positive impression is found among suppliers and financial partners.  

• Grants and funding may be available to businesses that go green, so the funding can help a business thrive.   

How to Have a Green Business 

Here are some suggested actions to have a green business: 

• Decorate with living plants inside and outside of an office.  

• Limit so-called “vampire power” by turning off devices when not in use and unplugging unused chargers.  

• Use less paper.  

• Use energy-efficient light bulbs and turn off the lights when not in use.  

• Recycle more.  

• Cut back on single-use items.  

• Allow more remote work.  

• Support green suppliers.  

• Use alternative energy sources.   

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